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I am not just a photographer; I am a historian.

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I am not just a photographer; I am a historian. I say this at every consultation because I think the distinction is so important. I’m not just here to take your picture, to say, “smile!” and then present you with an image that proves that you can all comb your hair and sit nicely for a half an hour without getting dirt on your trousers.  

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No, I’m not here to remind you that you looked pretty today; I’m here to tell you a story. Years down the road, I want you to pull these photos off the shelf and remember the fog that hung about the trees and the smell of the damp earth as you tromped through the underbrush. I want you to feel the calluses on your boy’s hands and the velvet blueberries between your fingers. I want your mouths to water as you recall their early season sourness.

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I want you to hear the creak of tree limbs as your children climb overhead, the crumple of fallen pine needles beneath your feet, and the laughter that filled the spaces in between.

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I want you to smile with the memory of wrestling the children who were still small enough to play, and to notice the youthfulness of the ones who had hardly seemed like children that day.

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I want the images we create together to be a tangible example of the real moments that make up your history. The story of you.

And if your trousers get a little dirty it the process, then so be it.

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