My love of photography begins with my love of children and families. With a degree in Human Development, a specialization in Early Childhood Education, and years of experience teaching young children, I first started taking pictures as a way to document student learning. As I shared my images with parents, I quickly recognized their power to connect.

The more I engaged in photojournalism and visual storytelling with my families, the more my relationships with them flourished. Soon I became obsessed with capturing the character of the “little” things that I knew parents wouldn’t want to forget: the way a toddler concentrates with a newly-discovered pincer grasp to pick pieces of rice from their fingers; the ecstatic laughter that shakes the core of a child who has climbed a familiar stump and realizes they can finally reach the leaves above their head; the way a preschooler scrunches their shoulders and crinkles their eyes while whispering secret plans to a first friend. These simple moments had such a fleeting life about them, but through photography, I gave families the chance to linger in the subtleties of an ever-changing childhood.

My work as a photographer is still greatly influenced by my roots in observation and my appreciation for unassuming joys. My lifestyle approach seeks to document the emotions and connections that define your family as it is, in this moment, for real. Yes, I will make sure we take a great photo of everyone smiling at the camera; but more importantly, I will work hard to freeze the organic beats of time that make up your everyday life, and I will help you preserve them with beautiful artifacts that will be passed down for generations.

Let me archive the folds of new skin that collect behind your newborn’s shoulder so you may reminisce over them on his graduation day. Let me document the shape of your hands as they brush over your toddler’s hair so she might someday recall the feeling of having you close. Let me play witness to the details in this season of your life, whatever it may be, and I will create tangible memories that pay reverence to the brief seconds-in-between that are so worth savoring. 

I can’t wait to tell your story.

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